Tango tube amp

Puffin Phono DSP phono preamp from Parks Audio for all vinyl systems

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The Puffin is simply a next-generation phono preamp with a wide range of gain settings which allows easy system matching for all carts and vinyl systems. The wide selection of tone controls then make it a breeze to tweak the sound to perfection. Turn on. Puffin. Tune Out.

Buy tango tube amp from Amazon.com
  • Tilt tone controls for fast, easy sound adjustment
  • Twenty gain settings from -4dB (CDs) to 72dB (MCs)
  • 12 phono EQ settings w/ support for early LPs and 78s
  • Adjust Bass, Treble, Air, and 4th order HPF & LPFs
  • Apply transfer functions like tube (2H) and tape (3H)

Buy tango tube amp from Amazon.com

Tango tube amp

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